Peak Hives EkeAs I’ve already mentioned I’m in the process of moving my hive from national frames to 12 x 14 national frames. This has meant I’ve got a handful of standard national brood boxes knocking around the garden looking dejected as they know they’ll never feel the warm embrace of a hive again. I felt a little sorry for them and I’m a bit mean so wanted to save some money by investing in an eke from Nick at Peak Hives to convert my standard national boxes into its chubby cousin.

Oh dear a gap!Beekeeping is probably the best smelling hobby in the World, opening the box from Peak Hives released that wonderful cedar scent. As per normal the workmanship from Nick was superb. However; when I placed the eke onto the brood box there was a large gap between the two. The runners were lifting up the eke leaving a space which was undoubtedly a problem.


A few minutes later I’d removed the runners using my Leatherman tool, if you haven’t got yourself one of these pocket marvels they are a worthwhile investment. With the runners removed the gap had narrowed considerably. There is still a smaller gap My trusty leatherman to the rescuewhich I’m going to spend a little more fiddling around with a wood plane making the box beetight.

On balance I think these boxes will probably me more useful as spares than full time bee boxes. The eke does fit nicely and because there are groves that slot into the where the frames normally sit it’s quite study byt it is still an extra part I don’t want in an everyday hive.

At least I want have redundant boxes nagging at me whenever I go in the shed, that’s worth a extra little effort.