In hindsight starting a beekeeping blog in January wasn’t the smartest move, although, this is a rarely visited blog so no harm no foul. As a new beekeeper I didn’t really have much to write about over the winter. However; now the season has started I’m sure I’ll have plenty to keep you, the nonexistent reader, entertained.

Spring finally spring today and gave me the opportunity to get down to the apiary and crack open the hive. During the winter I’d left a super on and removed the Queen Excluder. The super provided extra stores and without the queen excluder I wasn’t running the risk of the cluster moving up to consume those stores and leaving the queen on the wrong side of the excluder.

Whenever ‘brood and a half’ is mentioned at my association meetings there is much frowning, tutting and muttering of disapproval. I never really understood why it was such a bad idea, however, popping the hive all became clear; it makes an awful mess.

The hive is already bubbling with bees and in the super there was already some capped brood with was a great relief to find the hive had made it through the winter. However; my girls had joined both boxes with comb and filled it with brood. It took a good ten minutes of work to separate to two boxes and slip a queen excluder between the two boxes.

I’m now waiting until next week to remove the super and slap a 12×14 brood box on top this, I’m hoping, will allow me to do a comb change and more the bees onto 12×14 frames.

This should mean no more brood and a half for me, so I can join the disapproving masses.