This weekend I started the process of moving my bees onto the larger 12×14 frames using a comb change process. But, I got off to an inauspicious start. I loaded the car up with the bits and bobs then drove to the apiary. However; once there I discovered I’d forgotten the key to the gate, this meant I drove home swearing.

Hive parts ready for the change.

Key picked up I lugged the larger brood box and ashforth feeder down to the hive. I have to park on the road and carry my equipment to the hives, I have seen people drive their cars down there but it’s on an allotment with a steep muddy road and anyway the walk does me good.

Hive with new brood box in placeThe process itself was relatively simple, I’ve got about five frames of brood at all stages in the standard box and a super with a little capped brood left over from my winter brood and half set-up. So I separated these and placed the new brood box between the super and original brood box. Once the brood have hatched from the super I’ll remove that.

These are really gentle bees so it was a drama free exercise that only took about ten minutes. I’m going to give them two weeks to build out the new foundation and then I’ll try to move the queen into the new box. Topping the stack off with an ashforth feeder and some syrup to get them laying and wax building meant my work was done.

Hopefully in three weeks I’ll be onto 12x14s just in time for swarm control and (fingers crossed) a second hive.